In addition to growing Sut Nam Bonsai into a little shade tree on the internet, I also blog at
Grizzly & Golden with my friend Amelia Morris from  Our exchange mimics the hand-written cards and letters we send one another in the mail and centers around whatever we're running into lately: favorite poems, thoughts on creating art, how being women does or doesn't affect our work and our lives.   

We find ourselves talking often about artistic heroes and how to nurture ourselves as writers and makers of things in the world. 

To learn more about Grizzly & Golden click here!

I love a good rock song more than life itself and pop culture is a big source of inspiration for me.  Movies, therefore, are an essential part of my happiness and I'm nuts about all kinds: comedy, dramedy, bromance, etc.

Rabbit Hat Fix is a movies podcast I co-host with my friend Lukis Kauffman.  To learn more about our intellectually-driven, potty-mouthed podcast, click here.