Hi there.  My name is Kara Norman and I live in southwest Michigan where I work, play, and walk in the woods drink coffee and read books whenever possible. I spend most days with two adorable, life-giving children (or
life-sucking, depending on the hour). I write and design things professionally, too.

The Sut Nam
part of this blog comes from the phrase or idea in Sanskrit that points to the true self, the part of a person that is forever untouched and whole. The Bonsai part of the name comes from a little box my husband gave me that contained the kit for a ready-made bonsai tree. Someone had given him the kit, and it had been sitting in a junk crate in his office for as long as I had known him. That is, until he gave it to me. It then sat on a junk shelf in my office for a number of years. 

I have no idea where that thing ended up.  Probably on a shelf at Goodwill.  I finally admitted to myself that I did not want to grow a bonsai tree.  So here is my bonsai, the very real project I do
want to tend. 

Most of the photos are taken by my husband, except the ones that suck.  Those are taken by me.

Thanks for visiting!