Hi there.  My name is Kara Norman and I live in southwest Michigan where I work, play, and walk in the woods whenever possible.

The Sut Nam
part of this blog comes from the phrase or idea in Sanskrit that points to the true self, or the part of a person that is forever untouched and whole.

The Bonsai
part comes from a little box my husband gave me that contained the kit for a ready-made bonsai tree. Someone had given him the kit, and it had been sitting in a junk crate in his office for as long as I had known him. That is, until he gave it to me. It then sat on a junk shelf in my office for a number of years.

I finally admitted to myself that I did not want to grow a bonsai tree. So here is my bonsai, the very real project I do
want to tend.  Thanks for visiting!